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Vini-Clip System - Will not let you down

  • Wires can be easily adjusted up and down the post as vines grow by unclipping and lifting wire to next clip.
  • Clips are moulded from UV stabilized polyethylene plastic capable of resisting temperature extremes and the harsh Australian climate.
  • By design the load is carried by the screw rather than the clip.
  • Screw pull out loads far exceed those of nails and staples, eliminating expensive tyre repairs.
  • Will not dislodge with harvesting and pruning operation saving on repeated replacement costs.
  • Self drilling screws easily driven in by cordless drill or air wrench, eliminating hammer shock to post (50 or 65mm class 4/12 gauge hex head screw used).
  • Available in both single and double clips for tension up or down.
  • Also available with nail fixing if preferred (nail gun best results).


viniclips1 viniclips2 viniclips3 viniclips4 viniclips5

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